Updates on my life. I spent a good few months at the beginning of this year being a mixture of Vegan (Only lasted about a month – due to the desire for cheese) and Vegetarian.

I had heard so many good things about the Vegan diet – some a bit far fetched – such as curing cancer, and a few more that hit home – such as the effects animal products have on climate change and simply animal cruelty. I started as I meant to go on, cutting out all animal products, however I found it unbelievably hard.

I have a blood trait – called Thalesemia Beta Trait  (I may have spelt that wrong) its something prevalent in middle eastern and European countries, and I got it from my mothers Greek side. It has up and down sides. Up sides I’m protected from Malaria(!!!) downsides, due to the slightly smaller/flatter shape of my red blood cells I have all the symptoms of being anaemic without actually being anaemic… Therefore I find I am always tired and pale, sickly looking. Thats no fun.

I therefore felt my need for meat – red meat especially – really hit me hard if I was busy and not able to eat exactly what I needed to, to keep my energy up during my Vegan/Vegetarian phase.

I have decided I need a balance, being a part-time vegetarian is best for me. The cost and stress of cooking meat is a big motivator but I have decided that not denying myself a steak when my body so clearly needs it, once a month.

I feel that we are often persecuted for not eating or living in certain ways, fashions about the way we eat go in and out. Eat what keeps you happy and healthy as much as you can and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it.