Updates on my life. I spent a good few months at the beginning of this year being a mixture of Vegan (Only lasted about a month – due to the desire for cheese) and Vegetarian.

I had heard so many good things about the Vegan diet – some a bit far fetched – such as curing cancer, and a few more that hit home – such as the effects animal products have on climate change and simply animal cruelty. I started as I meant to go on, cutting out all animal products, however I found it unbelievably hard.

I have a blood trait – called Thalesemia Beta Trait  (I may have spelt that wrong) its something prevalent in middle eastern and European countries, and I got it from my mothers Greek side. It has up and down sides. Up sides I’m protected from Malaria(!!!) downsides, due to the slightly smaller/flatter shape of my red blood cells I have all the symptoms of being anaemic without actually being anaemic… Therefore I find I am always tired and pale, sickly looking. Thats no fun.

I therefore felt my need for meat – red meat especially – really hit me hard if I was busy and not able to eat exactly what I needed to, to keep my energy up during my Vegan/Vegetarian phase.

I have decided I need a balance, being a part-time vegetarian is best for me. The cost and stress of cooking meat is a big motivator but I have decided that not denying myself a steak when my body so clearly needs it, once a month.

I feel that we are often persecuted for not eating or living in certain ways, fashions about the way we eat go in and out. Eat what keeps you happy and healthy as much as you can and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for it.


Life at the moment

I am currently on half-term from school, other than writing reports and updating paperwork I am unfortunately, like usual, at a loss of what to do with myself.

I find holidays a struggle quite often, I work at a small school where most of the people are a little older than me and have their own families to see and look after during the holidays, so after the first few days of well needed rest, I am often struck with feeling very lonely. Most of my friends work full time, therefore are only free in the evenings, leaving me with  long drawn out days to myself.

I know I must sound like a huge complainer, as most people would dream on the 17 weeks holiday a year I get – and don’t get me wrong, I look forward to them so much after the intense 11-12 hour days during term time. Sleep is always appreciated!

I am one of those people who needs to be constantly busy to avoid feeling low or demotivated. I find it very hard at the moment to get myself out of bed, to the gym, or on a run which I know would be a catalyst for a happier me. I am constantly trying to find ways to keep busy, I often find nannying and tutoring jobs to fill some time, however the lack of routine is another one of my downfalls.

I wish I knew how to keep myself busy, fit and happy.

I have signed up for a marathon on April – with the hope it will force me to get out and do some running. I’ve always loved running once I was up and out, however the call of my bed, and feeling sorry for myself in recent months have held me back.

Wish me luck in the remainder of my holiday – 7am alarm set tomorrow so I can fit in an hours run before I start nannying… We’ll see how it goes…

First Post


I thought I would start by saying a few things about myself which will probably be touched upon in future here on my blog. First of all I love food, something which is true for most people. However the truth behind my love is that I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food. I’ve had 2 eating disorders  (bulimia and binge eating) and still struggle to this day to get the right balance of food/exercise in my life.

SO this blog is a way for me to document the ways I try to  maintain balance in my life. We all have ups and downs and I’m sure I will become more open with all the ins and outs of my health, life and loves.

Madeleine x